Get a grip on the company’s processing of personal data

PersondataSupport support companies to meet the requirements of the EU Personal Data Regulation.
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Få styr på virksomhedens håndtering af persondata

PersondataSupport leverer målrettet support til danske virksomheder, så kravene i EU’s Persondataforordning bliver opfyldt.


The new EU regulation

Companies must be able to account for the legality of the handling of personal data. The consequences of not complying with the law can be costly, as the fines can reach 20 million Euros or 4 percent of the company’s annual turnover, depending on which is highest.



The GDPR Portal gives an overview of tasks to be handled to comply with the regulation.


We have products for both small and large companies

With us you can choose between different packages depending on the size of your company, the complexity of the task and how much, your company wants to handle itself.

For many companies it seems like an insurmountable task to:

  1. learn about the new rules of the GDPR
  2. make sure the company complies with the rules, thus avoiding fines
  3. ensure that everybody in the company continues to do what it takes to comply with the rules

Our services are based on an integrated concept with elements from the legal, IT security, governing processes and human aspect realms which guarantees an optimal solution and ensures efficiency in the company.

We act as the company’s Data Protection Officers (DPO) and control function (auditors) who strategically and especially on a practical level create a safe and continual basis for compliance with the GDPR.

In other words a partner, who:

Runs the
implementation process

Frees the company’s resources from the heavy part of the job

Creates an overview and a structure for the handling of personal data

Increases efficiency with streamlined personal data and security

How to get started the easy way

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